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So many carpet cleaners in Adelaide are offering the ‘Walk on dry’ method of cleaning, touting it as a preferred method of cleaning.

While this offers a drier result, it doesn’t offer a ‘cleaner’ result – it just is more cost effective to the operator who use a less expensive machine.

Our preferred method is a Hot Water Extraction method which is the only method recommended by your carpets manufacturers –  more commonly known as Steam Cleaning which is also perfect for fabric based furniture.

This method, when done correctly uses high powered machines - that remain in the van – using high heat and massive suction to effectively clean your carpet – removing the soiling, odour and carpet damaging dirt from your premises to our van.

By producing High heat and suction, gone are the days of leaving the carpets wet for days, we suggest a drying time of six to eight hours depending on the day.

That Carpet Guys exclusively uses Sapphire Scientific Truck Mount machines, primarily 570 and 454 machines - proven to be the very best in the field. 

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