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Affordable Vacate Cleaners - Specialist Bond Cleaning Services

Moving from rented premises in Adelaide can be very stressful. Having to dismantle and pack and everything, arrange for and coordinate the removal vehicles, take time off work or try to fit the entire relocation into a weekend – it can be a nightmare!

But the need to clean the vacated premises to a standard which will please your property manager – now that is stress!

We want you to get your Bond back!  Our aim is to present your premises in a condition that will make your Property Manager very happy and at a price you can afford.

Our Experience Makes Life Easier for You

With many years of experience, our professional team of bond cleaners in Adelaide have the knowhow and skills to do just that. We have worked with many Property Management groups over many years and know what is required by the professional Adelaide property manager.

‘That Carpet Guy’ is able to provide our clients with a quality vacate cleaning coupled with a high level steam clean of the rental property’s carpets in order to present the property in a manner which will delight your property manager.

We are a ‘One Stop Shop’ for a busy tenant who just wants the job done right the first time. We will advise you on what property managers want to see and we will achieve a level of cleanliness that will assure that your bond will be returned to you.

Return Your Rental Property in Better Condition than You Received It

Often, we are able to vastly improve on dingy tile-work, carpeting and musty upholstery and furniture. What may have been acceptable to the property manager at the time they rented to you, can be greatly improved by our bond cleaning professionals, making the surfaces and materials appear almost new again.

We have the necessary experience to judge the standards that are acceptable to property managers. And we exceed them on a regular basis by employing the latest in cleaning equipment and techniques.

We specialise in removing any doubt on the return of your bond by your property manager.

If You Are Faced With a Vacate Cleaning, Call in the Professionals

Relocations can be hectic and you have enough to worry about and deal with already. You don’t need to add a thorough cleaning to the long list of tasks needed to complete your relocation to everyone’s satisfaction.

Why not lower your blood pressure level by letting the professionals in Adelaide handle your cleaning chores and ensuring that your bond is returned to you. 

Give ‘That Carpet Guy’ a call and see just how easy and effective our team of bond cleaners can be in taking the stress from your next move. You will be thankful for the peace of mind we can provide. 

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