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5 Ways to Keep Your Home Free from Pet Hair

Posted on Friday 30 August 2019

Battle the buildup of pet hair and grime by keeping your pet in good health, keeping him groomed and getting a regular deep carpet clean. Call the experts in from That Carpet Guy to give your home a blitz!

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Don’t Let Stains Fester, Battle Them Immediately to Keep Your Carpet Fluffy and Fresh

Posted on Friday 19 July 2019

Carpets feel great underfoot and give your home that warm, cosy feel. The thing is, having a spillage on a carpet can be way more dramatic than if you spill something over wooden floorboards which can just be mopped up. Dirt and pathogens can also hide down in the fibres of a carpet, meaning the quality of the air in your home may end up being compromised.

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Easy Home Remedies to Tackle Food Spillages and Burnt on Food Debris

Posted on Thursday 27 June 2019

If you love to cook, or are just a reluctant cook doing your best to feed yourself and your family, you probably face kitchen dirt and grime on a regular basis. It can be a mission to keep up with cleaning all the spillages, especially if you have a young family who seem to love catapulting food around!

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Learn How to Tackle and Prevent Nasty Bathroom Mould

Posted on Monday 13 May 2019

Bathroom mould is one of the most common problems in many homes and as long as you catch it early enough, it’s one of the easiest problems to prevent and cure. The thing is, a lot of homeowners leave it so long, the only option is to call in a professional tile and grout cleaner to remedy the situation.

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Invest a Little time and Effort to Save Cash on Replacing or Restoring Your Carpets

Posted on Monday 13 May 2019

Adding new carpets to your home can totally remodel the style, energy and feel of the living space. But what most people don’t realise is that from day one, there are many elements in and around your home that will start to erode and minimise the life of your carpets, if certain precautions are not taken.

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Upholstery Cleaning Will Make You Feel Better and Your Home Look Better

Posted on Friday 29 March 2019

When thinking of having your upholstery cleaned, you may just have been thinking to spruce up the look of your home, but alongside this, upholstery cleaning will have a host of benefits your health. You may not realise the amount of dust, dirt and bacteria that builds up on your furniture and carpet over time, which can affect health if left indefinitely.

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The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Vacate Cleaner when Leaving a Property

Posted on Wednesday 13 February 2019

Moving day can be stressful -- have a read through the top 5 reasons you need a vacate cleaner when leaving a property. Not only will they save you cash, but you’ll save yourself time amongst other things.

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