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How to Get Old Stains out of Carpet Quickly and Easily

Posted on Thursday 26 May 2022

You just moved a chest of drawers and notice a mystery dark patch. Upon taking a closer look, you realise it’s a dreaded old stain, that has been long forgotten about.

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The Complete Guide to Removing Musty Smells from Carpets

Posted on Thursday 21 April 2022

Are you noticing an unpleasant, musty smell coming from your carpets? If so, your carpet is in need of a little attention. Carpets can begin to smell musty from flooding after a rain storm, water dripping from plants, humidity in the air or simply a spilled drink that was never attended to.

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What is the Best Way to Clean Curtains at Home?

Posted on Monday 7 March 2022

The list of cleaning chores can seem never ending! Some may get put off for years, or not even get done at all. One of those cleaning chores might be washing the curtains.The process of taking them down, fitting them into a washing machine, drying the fabric and getting them back up again can feel like a mission worth avoiding.While you could call in professional Adelaide cleaners, a simple option is to follow this guide on how to clean curtains without taking them down.

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3 Proven Home Remedies to Get Grease Out of Carpets

Posted on Friday 18 February 2022

Have you dropped grease on your carpet? This can be a moment of panic, especially if your carpet is new and beautifully fluffy. The good news is; your carpet can be rescued without breaking the bank.

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5 Signs Your Room Has Bed Bugs and How to Get Rid of Them

Posted on Saturday 22 January 2022

Bedbugs are tiny, oval shaped, brown insects that live on the blood of humans and animals. Their bodies are flat and about the size of a sesame seed. However, this can swell after feeding and turn a reddish brown.

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The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Mattress

Posted on Monday 3 January 2022

Dirt gets everywhere, including on your mattress. We spend 6 – 8 hours lying on the bed every night and this doesn’t account for the hours chilling, watching TV, hanging out with friends and snuggling with pets.

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7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Carpet Smelling Fresh

Posted on Saturday 6 November 2021

Dirt, grime and bacteria live deep down in your carpets. And if not removed, this can lead to unpleasant odours lingering in the air. Alongside the smell, dirty carpets can lead to sickness for you and your family.

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5 Proven Ways to Keep Dog Hair Off Your Carpet

Posted on Sunday 24 October 2021

Dogs are a huge responsibility. They need love, feeding, grooming and exercising. Plus, you need to keep an eye on their mental health. But all the efforts are worth it when you get that excited welcome home after a long day in the office.

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How to Restore and Protect Carpet in High Traffic Areas

Posted on Friday 24 September 2021

A brand new carpet feels soft, fluffy and luxurious underfoot. It literally feels like you’re walking on air giving your feet a real treat. But, in high traffic areas over time, that silky feel diminishes with the constant flow of foot pressure.

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How Do You Get Smoke Smell Out of Fabric?

Posted on Friday 13 August 2021

Have you inherited a trendy vintage couch from an Uncle? Or maybe you found an awesome fabric covered foot stool in a house clearance? Cool old furniture is great, but sometimes it comes with a few smells that are less than pleasant.

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Why is Commercial Carpet Cleaning Important?

Posted on Friday 16 July 2021

Running a business is a busy time. And keeping the place looking fresh is another stress heaped on top. The good news is that commercial carpet cleaners are always ready to lend a hand. A professional cleaner has the tools, skills and experience to get your office looking cleaner than you’ve ever seen it.

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Does Carpet Cleaning Help Allergies?

Posted on Friday 18 June 2021

Are you an allergy sufferer? Allergy season can be a miserable time with constant runny noses, coughing, sneezing and itchy skin. While allergies mostly play up when you’re outside, you probably don’t think about allergens finding their way into your home.

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How to Clean an Area Rug Yourself?

Posted on Friday 28 May 2021

Area rugs are a great addition to any home, warming up the floors and adding style to a space. But over time, they get worn down with dirt, debris and scuffing from tired feet. To keep your area rug looking at its best, it needs a little TLC occasionally and a good clean will fluff up the fibres again.

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The Essential Guide to Rid Your Carpets of Fleas

Posted on Saturday 24 April 2021

Fleas are a troublesome little pest to deal with, once they get onto your pet and into your home. They thrive in warm environments like your carpets and furniture and larvae can remain dormant for a long while, waiting for the perfect condition to grow.

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Is Your Couch Making You Sick?

Posted on Friday 19 March 2021

There’s nothing better than lounging on the couch after a long day. But, have you ever thought of the hidden nasties that could be lounging on the couch fibres with you? We often clean the floors, kitchen counters and bathrooms, but furniture upholstery can get forgotten about.

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3 Ways to Remove Pet Stains and Smells from Your Carpet

Posted on Sunday 28 February 2021

Pets are lovely to have around the home. But, they often leave their mark in more ways than one! Especially as puppies, dogs may have accidents on your fresh, fluffy carpets. And puppies have no idea about wiping their paws after roaming around in the garden, meaning all sorts of mess and hair can dirty up your living spaces.

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How to Clean Carpet Mould and Mildew in 7 Easy Steps

Posted on Tuesday 26 January 2021

Maybe you’re visiting a holiday home or caravan, that’s sat empty for a while and you notice a musty smell? Or maybe you’ve had a flood in your home and water has seeped into your carpet? Either way, a musty smell and wet carpet is a surefire sign you carpet has or will get mould, if action is not taken.

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5 Simple Steps to Remove Mud Stains from Your Carpet

Posted on Saturday 26 December 2020

Carpets feel great underfoot when they’re fluffy and fresh. But if not kept clean dirt, mud and grit can build up making carpet fibres feeling less than luscious. If you live with pets and children, these can be the main culprit of muddy, stained carpets. Muddy stains can be banished if dealt with swiftly and your carpet restored to its former glory.

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Do You Have Moths in Your Carpet? Tips to Diagnose and Prevent Carpet Moths

Posted on Monday 23 November 2020

Carpet case moths and carpet beetles are common Australian pests which love to invade woolen carpets. They can occasionally be found in silk curtains and other fabric upholstery. Their living place of choice is organic materials like wool, cotton and silk. It’s very rare to find them in synthetic materials.

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Is Your Carpet Making You Sick? Here’s What You Need to Know…

Posted on Wednesday 14 October 2020

Have you suddenly started sneezing, coughing or itching while in your home? While there could be many causes, dust and dirt lingering in carpet fibres could be a factor. Even if you love a good vacuum on a regular basis, allergens and dust build up daily and some bacteria doesn’t get picked up even by the most powerful vacuum cleaners.

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5 Things That Can Ruin Your Carpets Plus Easy Remedies

Posted on Wednesday 23 September 2020

Carpets and rugs make your home comfortable, warm and uniquely yours. But, if they don’t get looked after, they can become a bit of a money drain. Employing the help of professional carpet cleaners in Adelaide is essential, to keep that fresh, fluffy feel underfoot.

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Steam Cleaning Vs Dry Carpet Cleaning – Which Is Best?

Posted on Sunday 16 August 2020

If you’ve decided to get your carpets professionally cleaned, you’ve probably Googled the best methods. Steam carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning are likely to come up in search. But which is best? Both systems are extremely effective at breathing new life into your carpets, but there are slight differences between each method.

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The Essential Guide to Drying Wet Carpet After a Flood or Leak

Posted on Friday 24 July 2020

Have you got home to your property and found a leak in your home? Or has there been extreme weather with flood water seeping into your property? Either way, if water has gotten into your carpets it can be a huge headache.

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5 Reasons to Get the Professional Tile and Grout Cleaners In

Posted on Wednesday 1 July 2020

Grout is the bond that keeps your tiles together. It’s a place where nasty bacteria and grime can get caught up in, if not regularly given some attention. Tiles are a popular feature on floors, on kitchen side boards and in bathrooms. And while they are pretty easy to clean, the grout often gets ignored.

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Take a Look at These Top Tips to Remove Pet Stains Fast

Posted on Thursday 23 April 2020

If you have furry friends in the family, it’s likely they will leave a few stains and odours around your home at some point. Accidents happen, especially when your pet is a junior, learning the rules of home living. Pet stains are best removed quickly, to eliminate that lingering nasty smell.

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How Commercial Carpet Cleaning Can Save You Cash

Posted on Thursday 19 March 2020

You might be trying to keep your business expenses lean by getting the poor receptionist to clean your carpets. But, you probably don’t realise how beneficial hiring professional carpet cleaners can actually be for your business.

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How to Remove Red Wine Stains from Your Carpet

Posted on Friday 14 February 2020

If you love red wine, you’ll probably have been in the position of battling a red wine spillage at some point in your life. Whether the stain is on the carpet, the upholstery or on your clothes, the longer it is left, the harder it becomes to remove.

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Why is it so Important to Get Your Mattress Regularly Cleaned?

Posted on Friday 17 January 2020

Here at That Carpet Guy we have been advising many of our clients to regularly get their mattresses cleaned. Not only will this help get a good night’s sleep but it is essential for many other reasons.

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Why You Should Have Your Carpet Cleaned After an Illness

Posted on Wednesday 18 December 2019

According the Australia Bureau of Statistics, 1,255 deaths were recorded in 2017 due to influenza. That was a significant increase from 464 deaths in 2016. The flu virus is highly contagious and if precautions are not taken, other healthy adults can easily get infected.

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5 Signs Your Carpet Has Got Mould

Posted on Wednesday 13 November 2019

Mould grows in damp, dirty or murky places usually in bathroom or kitchen areas. While this is true, the rest of your home is not completely protected from mould growth, as anywhere that gets damp can fall victim.

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What Lives in Your Carpet?

Posted on Thursday 10 October 2019

While you may think you keep your carpet relatively clean, there is probably still a build-up of bacteria that traditional cleaning just won’t eradicate.

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How Can Professional Carpet Cleaners Benefit Your Home?

Posted on Thursday 26 September 2019

Household chores and cleaning the carpets are not the most exciting of tasks, but it’s one of those things that needs to be done to keep them fresh and free from harboring little nasties. Regular hoovering will pick up dirt, dust, pet hair and help to keep the air a little fresher in your home.

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5 Ways to Keep Your Home Free from Pet Hair

Posted on Friday 30 August 2019

Battle the buildup of pet hair and grime by keeping your pet in good health, keeping him groomed and getting a regular deep carpet clean. Call the experts in from That Carpet Guy to give your home a blitz!

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Don’t Let Stains Fester, Battle Them Immediately to Keep Your Carpet Fluffy and Fresh

Posted on Friday 19 July 2019

Carpets feel great underfoot and give your home that warm, cosy feel. The thing is, having a spillage on a carpet can be way more dramatic than if you spill something over wooden floorboards which can just be mopped up. Dirt and pathogens can also hide down in the fibres of a carpet, meaning the quality of the air in your home may end up being compromised.

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Easy Home Remedies to Tackle Food Spillages and Burnt on Food Debris

Posted on Thursday 27 June 2019

If you love to cook, or are just a reluctant cook doing your best to feed yourself and your family, you probably face kitchen dirt and grime on a regular basis. It can be a mission to keep up with cleaning all the spillages, especially if you have a young family who seem to love catapulting food around!

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Learn How to Tackle and Prevent Nasty Bathroom Mould

Posted on Monday 13 May 2019

Bathroom mould is one of the most common problems in many homes and as long as you catch it early enough, it’s one of the easiest problems to prevent and cure. The thing is, a lot of homeowners leave it so long, the only option is to call in a professional tile and grout cleaner to remedy the situation.

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Invest a Little time and Effort to Save Cash on Replacing or Restoring Your Carpets

Posted on Monday 13 May 2019

Adding new carpets to your home can totally remodel the style, energy and feel of the living space. But what most people don’t realise is that from day one, there are many elements in and around your home that will start to erode and minimise the life of your carpets, if certain precautions are not taken.

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Upholstery Cleaning Will Make You Feel Better and Your Home Look Better

Posted on Friday 29 March 2019

When thinking of having your upholstery cleaned, you may just have been thinking to spruce up the look of your home, but alongside this, upholstery cleaning will have a host of benefits your health. You may not realise the amount of dust, dirt and bacteria that builds up on your furniture and carpet over time, which can affect health if left indefinitely.

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The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Vacate Cleaner when Leaving a Property

Posted on Wednesday 13 February 2019

Moving day can be stressful -- have a read through the top 5 reasons you need a vacate cleaner when leaving a property. Not only will they save you cash, but you’ll save yourself time amongst other things.

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