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Water Damaged Carpets and Flood Damage Restoration

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it can lead to a nightmare. One call to That Carpet Guy, ‘Qualified Flood and Mould remediation technicians’, can solve your problem!

Burst pipes, overflowing washing machines, fractured hot water system, sewage overflow we’ve seen and dealt with it all. With our high-powered extraction machinery and first rate drying equipment, we can restore the property back to pre-loss in a minimum of time with minimum disruption to you or your tenant.

‘That Carpet Guy’ understands that experiencing flood water damage in your Adelaide home or business is perhaps a once in a lifetime experience. It can be alarming and totally disruptive to the normal running of the premises.

Skilled Flood Damage Restoration Technicians in Adelaide

Our trained technicians not only have the experience and the equipment to quickly and efficiently restore the premises to a pre-loss situation, but we also have an understanding and empathetic attitude towards those who are affected. Our aim is to assist and advise on the most effective manner in which we can help restore the premises, talking through each step so the client is fully aware of the process from start to finish.

We utilise the industries best equipment for removal of excess or loose water from the premises, and by means of advanced drying equipment we can restore the premises in the most efficient manner available.

Time is of the essence when dealing with water damaged carpets or furniture and upholstery. So, should you experience a flood or water damage situation, one call to that Carpet Guy guarantees an urgent call to action!

Highly Effective Techniques

Our trained water damage restoration technicians will attend your premises within a minimum time frame, assess and advise of the action required, assist in moving any furniture prior to extracting and removing the excess loose water in the premises.

Highly effective drying equipment can then be put in place to bring the moisture and humidity levels down to an acceptable level and restore the premises to a pre-loss condition.

We are fully qualified and fully insured, we utilise quality equipment which is all tested and tagged for safe use within your premises. One call to ‘That Carpet Guy’ solves all your water damage and flood restoration needs.

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