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Property Management

You need it done right -  the first time!

You need it done now!

Power been disconnected?  No problem!  All our vans have generators.

We are fully insured for $20,000,000.00

We are experienced in Property Management carpet cleaning having serviced over 100 property management groups in Adelaide over the last ten years. We work harder so you don’t have to! We have a fabulous team who work from Three fully equipped vans to give you the best job at a fair and reasonable. We Service the whole of Adelaide, North, South, Eastern, Beaches and Adelaide Hills.

Stains, Animal Odours, Urine – you name it we’ve seen it.

We are Cost effective, simply charging $35 per average bedroom sized room for a standard clean – we naturally have a minimum call out fee - which is $110.

So, if you’re fed up with substandard service where your cleaner lets you down because there is no power on site or putting up with carpets or furniture that haven’t been cleaned property due to substandard equipment where your cleaner doesn’t put Your needs first, then make a call to ‘That Carpet Guy’ and let him show you how service to the Property Management industry should be done.  You won’t regret it.

Don’t take our word for it, see our list of personal references from Managers who have been in the industry for years, what do they have to say about ‘That Carpet Guy?’

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This is the one area of difference where a ‘serious’ carpet cleaner stands out from the rest.

Many cleaners who have cheap and inferior low powered equipment often say; ‘It’s the operator not the equipment that counts!’ This is total nonsense!

Two primary things ensure clean carpets:
1) Heat (High temperature hot water/steam), and;
2) High Suction.

That Carpet Guy utilises the newest and most highly powered carpet steam cleaning machine in Adelaide Today. Their Sapphire Scientific 570 and 454 machines produce very high levels of heat and the highest level of suction to enable the dirt in your carpet to be emulsified and extracted out to the van, leaving your carpets cleaner and drier.

The greater the suction – the more water and dirt is extracted, leaving the carpet cleaner and faster drying.

Why we don't need electricity

How often has your carpet cleaner said; ‘I couldn’t clean the carpets, the power was switched off!’

This will never happen with ‘That Carpet Guy’.

Our cleaning equipment is self-generating, requiring no connection to mains power; it creates its own high temperature hot water and suction for extraction.

We carry generators to power vacuum cleaners and scrubbers to ensure your landlords carpets are brought back up to the highest standards.

We are not expensive

We charge a flat $35 per room for a normal smaller sized bedroom carpet; if the carpet is badly soiled and we need to scrub we simply charge an extra $10 per room for scrubbing.

Our minimum call out fee is $110.00 and we charge an additional $20.00 should we need to utilise our generator.

We are fully insured

‘That Carpet Guy’ is proud to be associated with Leedham General Insurance Brokers and utilises the proven experience of QBE insurance for all our insurance needs.

‘That Carpet Guy’ carries $20,000,000 public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

We are friendly and efficient

We believe we know what the hard pressed Property Manager requires in order to win their favour in carpet cleaning, ask some of our current PM’s why they will only call; That Carpet Guy!

We want to be your preferred carpet cleaner

That Carpet Guy is currently the preferred carpet cleaner for many Real Estate Agencies and property managers across all areas of Adelaide.

Ask to see our list of clients and references as to why they put their trust in us to perform beyond their expectations.