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Rug Cleaning

Most homes today enjoy rugs and runners as part of their furnishings. Be it on hard floors, or complementing their carpet in the lounge room, rugs provide warmth and softness to a home’s décor.

But they are generally overlooked when it comes to cleaning, resulting in their gradually losing their colour and softness over time. Foot traffic, coffee and food stains are just part of the life of a rug. Call ‘That Carpet Guy’ and let us steam clean your rugs and runners, removing foot soiling and stains so you can be proud of them once again.

Rugs can easily be overlooked and neglected

Many of our clients take the opportunity of having their rugs and runners steam cleaned when we come to clean their carpets, tiles or furniture (like leather or fabric sofas). Rugs can be clean from as little as $25.00, removing those coffee and food stains and restoring their original colours back to life.

Enjoy your rugs once again by having them cleaned by ‘That Carpet Guy!’

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