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Residential Carpet Cleaning


It's amazing just how quickly our carpets become dirty and ‘tired’ looking!

General wear and tear, muddy footprints, children, pets and unsightly drink stains.

Household carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once a year, and ‘That Carpet Guy’ can make the process quick, easy and trouble free.

For a low cost of $40 per standard bedroom sized room for a standard clean; ‘That Carpet Guy’ can restore your carpets back to their previous lustre and vibrancy.

Don’t wait until your carpets turn ugly; call ‘That Carpet Guy’ today for a free quote on a professional Steam Clean of your carpets.

Best Residential Carpet Cleaning Services

‘That Carpet Guy’ cares about his clients and we want to offer the best Service in the Adelaide cleaning industry. Our staff are friendly and efficient, we only use the very best Steam Cleaning equipment available – more heat and more suction for a better clean. A Professional Steam clean utilising Adelaide’s most powerful Steam cleaning machines with ‘That Carpet Guy’ will leave your carpets and upholstery clean, bright and fresh once again.

That Carpet Guy and staff care about their clients:

  • Our staff members are not contractors, but trained professionals
  • We don’t use cheap ineffective cleaning machines
  • Our machines provide the most heat and suction for the best results in getting the dirt out of your carpets and home

Our aim is to win you as a customer for life

STEAM OR DRY?  Which should I use?

That Carpet Guy and his team utilise both steam and dry systems of carpet cleaning.

Both are good and effective systems so we feel we are able to offer an unbiased opinion of the effectiveness of each.

However, we only recommend Steam cleaning as the effective method of removing deep down dirty which can do so much damage to your carpets.

Dry Cleaning qualifies within the industry as a ‘Maintenance’; clean only, whereas steam cleaning provides a higher quality ‘Restorative’ clean to your carpets.

The team at ‘That Carpet Guy’ are fully equipped with Adelaide’s newest and highest powered Steam Cleaning machines; Sapphire Scientific 570 and 454 - guaranteed to give you a carpet steam clean you’ll tell your friends and family about.

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