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How Do I Protect My Carpet in High Traffic Areas?

Posted on Friday 24 September 2021

A brand new carpet feels soft, fluffy and luxurious underfoot. It literally feels like you’re walking on air giving your feet a real treat. But, in high traffic areas over time, that silky feel diminishes with the constant flow of foot pressure.

The thing is, if you’re vigilant from the beginning, you can preserve that walking on clouds feeling much longer. And be reassured that if your carpet does need a little help to bring the spring back, there are ways to fluff fibres up again. Let’s take a look how.

Vacuum Regularly

Using a powerful vacuum cleaner on flattened carpet fibres is the best way to bring them back to life. It also removes dirt and debris, which can end up permanently damaging the carpet. A vacuum with a motorised brush roll has an even better effect, pulling the fibres into a fuller position again.

Rotate Large Furniture Pieces

We are all guilty of arranging our furniture and just leaving it there forever! This weight on concentrated areas of the carpet puts extreme pressure on the fibres to the point of no return. Try swopping large furniture pieces over occasionally, or just move each large item a few inches to the left or right, to give pressured areas a break.

Lay the Right Carpet

Choose the right carpet for your high traffic areas that is durable to wear and tear. The best carpets for well-used areas include nylon which is extremely durable and level loop pile which is hard wearing and crush resistant. Another great option is sheared pile, which does a good job of concealing foot prints.

Use Protective Barriers

While you can’t stop people walking on the carpet in high traffic areas, what you can do is add a protective barrier in the form of rugs, runners and mats. They not only protect your carpet fibres, but actually add a little warmth and style. Make sure you remove rugs regularly and vacuum underneath to agitate fibres. This prevents areas from staying continually flattened.

Invest in Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning is the best way to clean and rejuvenate a carpet. It sanitises the carpet fibres deep down, lifting up dirt, bacteria and hidden nasties that vacuuming just doesn’t reach. Call in professional steam carpet cleaners for your high traffic areas every 6 – 12 months.

Do you need help cleaning and restoring the high traffic areas of your carpet? Call That Carpet Guy for the best steam carpet cleaning in Adelaide.

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