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Will Carpet Cleaning Kill Fleas?

Posted on Saturday 24 April 2021

Fleas are a troublesome little pest to deal with, once they get onto your pet and into your home. They thrive in warm environments like your carpets and furniture and larvae can remain dormant for a long while, waiting for the perfect condition to grow.

You may start to see fleas when they jump about. Or you may notice your pet itching more than usual. Before you find a flea infestation, it’s likely your pet will have spread larvae and mature fleas throughout your home. To kill off fleas and their eggs, you need to treat your pet, your carpets and all soft furnishings at the same time.

How to Eliminate Fleas from Your Home?

Give your pet a flea treatment including; a medicated shampoo, a topical powder and start using a flea collar. The treatment you choose may need to be repeated multiple times

Vacuum your floors, carpets, soft furnishings and mattresses taking particular care to go into corners and over cracks where fleas may be hiding. Throw away the vacuum bag afterwards, without coming into contact with the insides if possible

Strip off all bedding, cushion covers, curtains, pet blankets and put into the wash on a high heat. The extreme temperature will kill off fleas and their eggs

Employ your local Adelaide carpet cleaners to perform a deep down steam clean for all carpets and soft furnishings, including pet beds

Repeat the process multiple times. While steam clean is powerful enough to kill off fleas and their eggs, some may have escaped. Flea larvae can stay dormant for up to a year so regular thorough cleaning is needed after a flea infestation

Get Rid of Fleas in Your Yard

If you have a yard or garden, it’s likely your beloved pet runs around frequently. Fleas and their larvae could still be festering in the outdoor space, just waiting to jump on your furry friend again.

- If you have grass, give it a thorough mow. Dispose of any garden wasted such as leaves, weeds, mown grass and compost. Pay particular attention to any areas your pet likes to lay and roll around in

- Once your yard is cleared as much as you can, you need to treat it naturally. A good option is to use nematodes which are small worms used in organic farming to kill pests. They are a safe and inexpensive way to get rid of fleas in your garden. Buy them from your local garden centre or from an online retailer

- Another idea is to use cedar wood chips which you sprinkle around the outdoor space. Fleas are repelled by cedar and it’s safe for humans and pets

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