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How Do I Prevent Moths Attacking My Carpet?

Posted on Monday 23 November 2020

Carpet case moths and carpet beetles are common Australian pests which love to invade woolen carpets. They can occasionally be found in silk curtains and other fabric upholstery. Their living place of choice is organic materials like wool, cotton and silk. It’s very rare to find them in synthetic materials.

Some tell-tale signs you may have a carpet case moth infestation are; bare spots in your woolen carpets or rugs, sand like particles, webbing on your textiles, white larvae or the actual brown moth itself. If left unchecked, an infestation can multiply quickly leaving your carpet fibres thread bare. It’s recommended to call in a pest control company fast, to treat a moth infestation.

Why Are Carpet Moths a Problem?

The actual adult carpet moths are not the problem, it’s the 200+ eggs they lay over a lifetime. These eggs hatch producing larvae and these little guys will munch their way through your carpet as they grow. The larvae will usually exist in dark, hidden areas of the carpet and can last for up to two years! By the time they reach adult hood, it’s likely your carpet will be nearly bald in areas.

How to Prevent a Carpet Case Moth Infestation?

To prevent carpet case moth infestations, it’s essential you vacuum on a regular basis. You should also spend time vacuuming in those hard to reach, less well lit places like under furniture, next to skirting boards and on the back of curtains. Vacuum vigorously and think about calling in your local professional carpet cleaners in Adelaide.

Carpet cleaning experts have the tools and skill to clean your carpets deep down, that regular vacuuming just won’t do. While there are many over the counter treatments for carpet moths you can buy, these generally don’t remove the larvae once and for all. Professional carpet cleaners cleanse carpets deep down and can help to eliminate your carpet moth infestation for good.

What Other Pests Can Damage Your Carpets and Upholstery?

While carpets and rugs feel great underfoot, they also are a favourite place to snuggle down for certain pests. The soft wool is a comfy place to live and it also provides food for their larvae. Some other common carpet and rug pests in Australia are;

  • Carpet beetle. These guys have an oval body and shiny/dark, brown/black coating. The adults eat pollen and nectar from flowers, but if they get inside your home and lay eggs, their larvae will eat anything, including your carpet

  • Silverfish. Measuring 12-19mm long, they have a teardrop shaped body that is blue/silver or brown/grey. These guys eat a variety of household materials including glue, book bindings, clothing, linen, silk, household dust and the fibres of your carpet

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