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Is Steam Cleaning or Dry Cleaning Better for My Carpet?

Posted on Sunday 16 August 2020

If you’ve decided to get your carpets professionally cleaned, you’ve probably Googled the best methods. Steam carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning are likely to come up in search. But which is best? Both systems are extremely effective at breathing new life into your carpets, but there are slight differences between each method.

What’s the Difference Between Steam Cleaning and Dry Carpet Cleaning?

Steam cleaning is carried out with a hot water extraction method. This utilizes hot water, steam and any carpet shampoos or stain treatments. Because more water is used, steam cleaning can take a little longer for your carpet to dry and be ready to walk on again.

Dry carpet cleaning involves chemicals being sprayed over your carpet, which bonds with soil and dirt particles. A professional vacuum is then used to suck up all the dirt and buff your carpet to a fresh finish. It’s a more time efficient carpet cleaning method, allowing you to walk on your carpet immediately.

Which Carpet Cleaning Method is Best?

Steam cleaning and dry carpet cleaning are both effective methods to clean your carpet. Although, each method varies in regards to level of cleanliness after the clean, time to finish the clean, equipment used and how soon you can walk on your carpet again.

  • Steam cleaning. This method is considered to be the most hygienic of carpet cleaning methods, as it cleanses the base of your carpet fibres. Dirt, dust and bacteria can get stuck deep in your carpet shag which general vacuuming just can’t reach. The hot water and carpet shampoo used kills off any hidden nasties. A powerful industrial grade vacuum is then used to extract the water from your carpets, along with all the grime.
  • Dry carpet cleaning. A carpet cleaning powder is added to your carpet, which attaches itself to dirt and grime. A special buffing machine then massages the powder into the carpet. After this part of the process, a special vacuum is used to collect all particles left. Because this is a low moisture method, you can walk on your carpet almost immediately. A downside to this method is that it only cleans the top layer of your carpet.

What Carpet Cleaning Method is Better for Your Carpet?

The Australian Standards Commission recommend the steam carpet cleaning method. Their suggestion is to use this method at least once a year for optimum hygiene in your home. When you choose steam carpet cleaning, make sure you have enough time to let the carpet dry afterwards. If the area for intended cleaning is a high traffic area, this will have to be thought about.

Dry carpet cleaning is not a replacement to steam carpet cleaning. It just doesn’t produce the same fantastic results. But, it’s an effective method to use in between steam cleans and even as a spruce up before a dinner party or celebration.

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