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How Commercial Carpet Cleaning Can Save You Cash

Posted on Thursday 19 March 2020

You might be trying to keep your business expenses lean by getting the poor receptionist to clean your carpets. But, you probably don’t realise how beneficial hiring professional carpet cleaners can actually be for your business.

Keeping your cash flow in check is probably a number one priority for your company and this is why we’re pleased to tell you, our services will actually save you money! Steam carpet cleaning in Adelaide done by That Carpet Guy, will make your workplace an awesome place to be and keep your bank account in check.

Create a Healthy, Happy Environment

Dirty carpets can actually be a health hazard, harboring all sorts of nasties like; mold, dust, dirt, pollen and even small bugs. Deep steam carpet cleaning on a regular basis is necessary, especially in a business that has a large amount of footfall.

Creating a healthy environment for your staff, will make them more productive and actually lower sick days. Clean and fresh carpets will look great, impressing your customers and keep them spending with you.

Your Investment Will Be Protected

High quality carpeting can be a big investment and if you don’t look after it, you may find yourself having to fork out for a new one again. Professional carpet cleaning in Adelaide will protect the investment you originally made in the carpet.

Some new carpets that need repairs may need a proof of routine before the warranty can be honored also. You can check this with your manufacturer, but usually professional carpet cleaning for businesses is the best way to go.

Keep Your Work Environment Looking Professional and Welcoming

If you deal with customers on a daily basis at your workplace, it’s imperative to have a great first impression. A second, third and hundredth impression after that needs to be maintained as well to show customers your high standards. If a customer gets their feet stuck to the floor or has to wade through crunchy bits of debris, it’s likely they’ll think twice before coming back.

Your Work Time Won’t Be Disrupted

Professional carpet cleaners in Adelaide will get your carets fluffy and fresh again in a time that is convenient to you. No need to have an employee hoovering around everyone, leaving wet patches on the carpet disrupting your team’s day. There is no need to shut up shop when the pro cleaners are in -- That Carpet Guy can assist you morning, noon or night and even at weekends. We have top of the range cleaning equipment, fast turbo dryers and all the skills in the books to remove any stubborn stains.

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