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Why You Should Have Your Carpet Cleaned After an Illness

Posted on Wednesday 18 December 2019

According the Australia Bureau of Statistics, 1,255 deaths were recorded in 2017 due to influenza. That was a significant increase from 464 deaths in 2016. The flu virus is highly contagious and if precautions are not taken, other healthy adults can easily get infected.

If someone in your family has or is suffering from the flu, a bad cold or even a stomach virus, it’s so important you regularly disinfect all the surfaces and carpet in your home. The germs that caused you or your family member to be sick initially, are probably still lurking all around you in your carpet, on your upholstery, in the bed linen and on surfaces like stair banisters.

Get Experts to Steam Clean Your Carpet

General vacuuming of your carpets does not get the deep down dirt and definitely will not kill off those nasty germs. The best option is to get professional carpet cleaners into your Adelaide home, especially after a family member has had flu, a cold or a stomach virus.

Steam carpet cleaning does an excellent job of sterilizing a carpet using hot water, cleaning agents and high pressure to blast out dirt, bacteria, dust mites and any other lurking nasties that might be hiding. The high-tech steam cleaning machine, pushes water into the carpet and sucks all the dirt back up ridding your carpet of germs and the chance of you getting the flu again.

Don’t Forget Your Upholstery, Bedding and Towels

While you have the professional carpet cleaners in, it’s a good idea to ask them to clean the upholstery on your sofas and chairs. Dirt and germs can be hiding anywhere so these areas need attention as well.

Strip all the bedding off in the bedrooms and give them a good wash on a high heat. Do the same with all the towels, thoroughly washing everything on a high heat and do this weekly if someone in your home is still ill.

Wipe Over Surfaces Daily that Constantly Get Touched

Over the years there’s been multiple outbreaks of the Noro virus on cruise ships, which is where your stomach or intestines get inflamed causing acute diarrhea and vomiting. The reason so many people get ill, is that the ship is a confined space and everyone touches the same areas like the hand rails and walls etc.

So, in your home if someone has a contagious illness like the flu or a stomach virus, it’s imperative you wipe over surfaces that get touched by everyone daily with a disinfectant. If you keep up with this cleaning regime, you will minimise the likeliness of everyone getting ill. If you need some help with the cleaning, you can call in professional tile and grout cleaners to get into those cracks you might miss.

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