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5 Ways to Keep Your Home Free from Pet Hair

Posted on Friday 30 August 2019

Follow These Tips to Battle the Build Up of Pet Hair and Grime

While Fido the Dog and Sparky the cat are great to have around the home for cuddles and crazy play time, having your beloved pets run free in your home can lead to a nasty build up of hair, grime and funky smells.

Your furniture, carpet and flooring might start looking worse for wear but if you get on top of it quickly and start tackling the dirt, plus tackling the source of the dirt (your pets), you can stop things from getting ruined. Here’s the top five ways to battle the build up of pet hair and grime.

Routinely Groom Your Pets

Keeping your pet well-groomed is essential, otherwise all his dead hair will end up on your furniture and carpets instead of on a brush! Your pet will love being groomed also as it gives him a soothing massage and will relieve him of a matted hair build up which could make the skin itch.

Get Your Pet His Own Bed

Snuggling up with a pet is one of the reason it’s great to have an animal around, but if you let them have full roam all the time, you’ll probably end up with everything covered in pet hair! If you can, train your pet from a young age to sleep in his own bed overnight, so at least your sofas and carpet can have a hair free break.

Let the Experts Deep Clean Your Carpets

While it’s essential you hoover the carpets and upholstery on a regular basis, this will never have the full impact that expert steam carpet cleaning will have. Professional carpet cleaners have the best equipment to get the deep, in-ground dirt from your carpets and upholstery that a normal hoover will never be able to reach. Aim to get your local Adelaide carpet cleaners in every six months or more frequently if you have a lot of pets.

Control Your Pets Clutter

Pets are like your children and can end up cluttering your home with their toys if not kept under control. They probably play with their toys a lot outside and if their toys just lay strewn around your home, this can lead to mud and grime getting left everywhere. Train pets to put toys back in a box or have a designated area for their play things to be kept.

Keep Your Pet Healthy and Well Exercised

A healthy, exercised pet will show signs of how happy he’s feeling with a gleaming coat and good behavior around the home. If he’s in distress or feeling ill, he may show signs by excessive coat shedding, skin conditions, biting or scratching the furniture or maybe just not being himself. All of this can lead to more hair and dirt on your carpets and possibly damage to furniture. Make sure he has regular walks, can play in an open area daily, has a good diet and a regular grooming schedule.

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