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How Regular Upholstery Cleaning will improve your health

Posted on Friday 29 March 2019

When thinking of having your upholstery cleaned, you may just have been thinking to spruce up the look of your home, but alongside this, upholstery cleaning will have a host of benefits your health. You may not realise the amount of dust, dirt and bacteria that builds up on your furniture and carpet over time, which can affect health if left indefinitely.

If you have pets or small children, this can mean dirt builds up even quicker and with children being more sensitive to this, it’s imperative to have a regular upholstery and carpet cleaning schedule. In-ground dirt and dust can lead to allergies and other health problems in the long term. Hiring a professional upholstery and carpet cleaner in Adelaide is the best way to eradicate the nasty dirt and pathogens that can build up in your home. Here are the benefits of furniture upholstery cleaning;

Eliminates Odour

Pets especially can leave their smell over furniture alongside hair and dirt. Also food stains, damp and dirt can all build up and give off a nasty smell. If this isn’t cleaned regularly, the smell can become unbearable, making your furniture not nice to be around. Regular upholstery cleaning will eliminate this, improving the smell of your furniture and in turn improving the air quality of your home.

Removes Bacteria

If you spill food or liquid on your furniture, you may think giving it a quick wipe over is enough. Unfortunately bacteria could still be present, attached to the fibres of your furniture which can build up creating an unsanitary environment and even a smell. This could contribute to making you sick and especially be harmful to those with allergy problems.

Reduces Allergies

Dust, dirt and pet hair can all get absorbed into your upholstery, seriously affecting the symptoms of an allergy sufferer. This can really affect the quality of the air in your home and lead to coughs or even skin conditions. Regular upholstery and carpet cleaning will combat this, giving you cleaner air to breathe and enjoy while in your own home.

Makes Your Home More Sanitary

Whether you have young children or not, keeping your home as clean as possible is a must to keep yourself and your family healthy. Furniture is a breeding ground for bacteria and being constantly in use means food and dirt may get ground in. If not removed at regular intervals, this can create an unhealthy environment and maybe sickness. Paying out for professional upholstery and carpet cleaners may seem like an initial cost, but in the long run it will help to keep you healthier, minimising what you spend on medicine.


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