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How to Clean Curtains Without Taking Them Down?

Posted on Monday 7 March 2022

The list of cleaning chores can seem never ending! Some may get put off for years, or not even get done at all. One of those cleaning chores might be washing the curtains.

The process of taking them down, fitting them into a washing machine, drying the fabric and getting them back up again can feel like a mission worth avoiding.

While you could call in professional Adelaide cleaners, a simple option is to follow this guide on how to clean curtains without taking them down.

Vacuum and Brush

Use a powerful vacuum cleaner with a long attachment to clean curtain fibres from top to bottom. Spend time in the fabric crevices at the top, to pluck out hidden dust and dirt. If you find any stubborn stains, use a soft brush to dislodge in-ground grime.

Give a Good Shake

Use a step ladder to reach the top of each curtain. Grab with both hands near the pole and shake vigorously for at least 10 seconds. If your curtains have not been cleaned for a while, this may produce quite a bit of dust fall. Use a vacuum to hoover around the base of the window afterwards.

Use a Lint Roller

Even after your curtains have had a good shake and a vacuum, small fabric fibres (lint) can refuse to budge. Use a lint roller to go over each part of the curtain fabric. Have a friend pull the curtain flat, while you’re rollering, to speed up the process.

Use a Handheld Steam Cleaner

While a good brush and a vacuum should freshen up your curtains, if you have deeper stains, the only way to remove them fully is with a steam clean. And the good news is, this can be done without taking them down. Rent or buy a quality handheld steam cleaner, which is built to dislodge stains with minimal effort.

Call in the Professionals

Some stubborn curtain stains need the attention of a professional. That Carpet Guy specialises in carpet, upholstery, rug and curtain cleaning for residential and commercial properties throughout Adelaide. 

We guarantee to get your curtains looking like new again, at an affordable price tag. Our team can happily clean any blind or curtain material such as lace, satin, cotton or anything else. Contact us today for a free quote.

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