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The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Vacate Cleaner when Leaving a Property

Posted on Wednesday 13 February 2019

Learn How a Professional Vacate Cleaner will Benefit You

Moving house in Adelaide can be a stressful time and you’ll have many things to think of including; finding a new property, packing your belongings and of course cleaning the property to a high standard so you get your bond back! All this while you’re probably still working and juggling your personal life at the same time. You may think that paying out for a vacate cleaner is just an extra expense, but if you lose your bond that will be a big chunk of cash to miss out on.

If you hire a professional vacate cleaner in Adelaide, you can have peace of mind they’ll clean the property to the standards of the property condition report. Make sure you do your research and hire a cleaning company that are experienced carpet cleaners, professional tile and grout cleaners and have great reviews from previous vacate cleans.

Save Extra Cash

While you may think an initial investment in a bond cleaner is an expense, they will potentially save you money in the long run by getting your bond back and saving you cash from not having to buy cleaning equipment. All the cleaning chemicals you need for each surface can add up and if you use the wrong one on a certain area, this could incur repair costs. High standard steam carpet cleaning equipment can be costly and your expert vacate cleaner will have this equipment and more to get the best results.

Save Yourself Time

Moving house can be a hectic time and your to-do list may seem endless! Having a professional vacate cleaner working with you can help to shoulder some of the stress. There may be a specific time-frame the property needs to be cleaned and ready for, therefore a bond cleaner can get the whole place looking like new again in the required timeframe.

Property Condition Report Standards Met

When you move into a property, there should be a property condition report that shows the required standards the property should adhere to. If the property doesn’t meet these standards when you move in, you have the right to question this, just as your landlord will question you if the property does not meet these standards when you’re leaving. A professional vacate cleaner has the tools, skills and experience to get the property back into the condition it started in.

Impress New Tenants

The landlord will also have a high interest in keeping the property looking good and being returned to a good state quickly. Rent will keep flowing in if the property is cleaned quick and to a high standard keeping new tenants impressed. If a property is not cleaned professionally, potential new tenants may be put off and the property will lay empty for extended periods.

Get a Glowing Reference

Competition for rental properties can be fierce and if you have a glowing testimonial from your previous landlord, this may just give you the edge for getting that next dream flat. An experienced vacate cleaner will ensure you’ll get the property back into tip-top shape and reduce the hassle you may face if things are not up to standard.

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